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Our company brochures have been specifically designed to provide you with user friendly and attractive presentations, illustrating the various steel products and markets that we supply - with details as follows :

1.) 1st Brochure  - Hot Rolled and Hot Forged Products and the typical end use components and markets that we service.

2.) 2nd Brochure - Summary of the Hot Rolled and Hot Forged Products.

3.) 3rd Brochure - Industrial Base Raw Materials and Commodity Products.

4.) 4th Brochure - Products Catalogue 2017.

Viewing or downloading our brochures :

To Download.
Please 'right click' on the brochure icon of your choice and then select 'save link as' and direct the file to be saved in your preferred destination place or folder.

To View now.
Simply click the brochure icon with the left hand side of your mouse and the brochure will load for you on screen. You will also have the option to save the file after viewing online if you wish to do so. To save after viewing, 'mouse over' the icons in your tool bar and select 'save/save file'.

We thank you for investing your time with us and we look forward to being of service to you.