Mission statement

Eurasia Steel Services will continue to add value to the supply chains that we manage, providing impartial advice and services to our trading partners, delivering profitable and innovative solutions to industrial and engineering markets with the supply of quality products and high integrity components. We will continue to invest and commit to long term collaborations, engaging with like-minded companies and associates to deliver products and profits for all of our stakeholders.


We will ensure the longevity of our company, in association with our trading partners, by developing the scope and activity of our business, expanding the profile of the products and services we offer whilst providing the highest level of professionalism, integrity, quality and customer service.

We will achieve our mission by listening to and working together with our stakeholders and clients to ensure that we understand their aspirations. Furthermore, we will achieve our mission by understanding our core markets and the fundamental forces that affect and drive them, understanding our supply partners and their strengths and objectives, understanding the requirements and necessities of our customers and the standards and values they entrust to us, understanding that successes are synergetic and are the best celebrated and shared-and understanding that success is not just an achievement, but the benchmark by which we must set our minimum goals and standards.