CEOs’ Foreword

"Welcome to Eurasia Steel Services-  we welcome the opportunity to work together with you.


CEOs’ Foreword

After over 25 years of working in this industry, the first half of which was dedicated to manufacturing environments producing specialized engineering steels, and the second half spent working much closer with end user markets, there have been times when I have wondered if " Producers are from Venus and Users are from Mars" ?

It also seems to be the case, that the more demanding the end user markets are, the further apart that producers and users seem to be in their understanding and tolerance of each others requirements. As a result of this, in some of the more demanding niche engineering markets, potentially well matched buyers and sellers are often unable to close deals because of technicalities that neither party seem able to find a solution to.

We, at Eurasia Steel Services, have seen such circumstances many times before and we like to think that we understand both sides of the equation. Often, by understanding and simplifying the technical jargon and finding the right people to speak with, we find that it is possible to get these things done. Experience, techology, relationships and understanding all play a part in making sure that we find supply solutions for our clients. We add value to our clients supply chain because we get things done - professionally, on time, on buget and by doing " what we say we will do! "